Why Sell Your Jewelry to Us?

At Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry, we buy jewelry, watches, coins, and bullion. Whether it is a family estate, diamond engagement ring, Rolex watch, or tangled broken bits from the bottom of your jewelry box, we aim to give you the most for your valuables.

Selling options offered by Meyer and Lee:

Over the counter purchases:

If you need money fast, Meyer and Lee will evaluate, weigh, and offer a price for your jewelry on the spot. The price is based on daily metal values as well as the value of any stones included in the piece. Paperwork mandated by the city of Huntsville must be completed and then you will be issued a check for your items. All purchases by Meyer and Lee are final.


If there is a piece you want but can’t quite afford, Meyer and Lee offers a trade-in service whereby we will credit your valuables towards the purchase of a beautiful new piece of jewelry.


If you’re not in a hurry to sell, Meyer and Lee provides the option to sell your jewelry through consignment. We will help you determine a retail price. Your item is then tagged and put into our inventory where it will be shown to customers. Your jewelry is insured and treated with the same care that we show our own jewelry. Once your item sells, Meyer and Lee will issue you a check minus a small commission charge.

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